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Exploring the DoublePro Gutter Guard in 8 Questions

Exploring the DoublePro Gutter Guard in 8 Questions

The Microfiltration Continuous Hanger DoublePro in 8 questions.

1. What’s the purpose of the second layer?

The second layer serves to block debris such as pine needles that can clog gutters while allowing through substances like pollen and sap, preventing clogging of the gutter guard itself.

2. Are the perforations smaller than the T-Rex Continuous Hanger?

No, the perforations are the exact same size. It’s akin to looking thinner when wearing black; the visual effect is the same for perforations on a black product.

3. Does this product have fewer perforations than the T-Rex Continuous Hanger?

No, it combines two perforation lines into one, resulting in more holes on one line and a larger gap between perforation lines.

4. Does this product drain enough water?

Yes, it drains the same amount of water as the current T-Rex Continuous Hanger, which is 29.7″ per hour—more than twice the highest recorded rainfall. The second layer’s larger open surface doesn’t reduce the overall intake.

5. Will there be clogging between the two layers?

No, the second layer is designed to block direct access to certain debris like pine needles and is continuously washed by rainfall. The small space between holes prevents dirt from accumulating.

6. Will ice and snow build up between the layers?

While a thin layer of ice is possible on the second layer, the large holes prevent significant buildup. Extensively tested in different freeze conditions and through Canadian winters, the two layers maintained their shape.

7. Is this product over-designed?

The dual-action system may seem complex, but it’s simple to understand. The Alu-Rex design team found that a system with two layers of aluminum was the most maintenance-reducing system that could be manufactured. The DoublePro minimizes gutter clogging and guard clogging simultaneously.

8. Is this product better than Micromesh Gutter Guards?

Yes! Unlike micromesh guards that struggle with clogging due to a mix of substances, the DoublePro design minimizes guard clogging by allowing micro-debris, like sap and pollen, to move through the two layers. It strikes a perfect balance between microfiltration and water drainage. No need for brushes or solvents.

If you’re want to learn more about DoublePro Gutter Guard Microfiltration Continuous Hanger, don’t hesitate to consult Blackstar Aluminum.